20-year-anniversary-sealThis week, Michael Shermer marks 20 years of Skeptic Magazine's publication, and I must say that I've been very flattered to appear there regularly. The scope of the publication is rather awesome, and I'm sure we're all proud that Michael has also been honored by having a regular column in Scientific American, as well.


Enough can never be said about maintaining a skeptical stance when it comes to claims, news items, and popular press flaunting of fantastic claims that only feed the public's hunger for nonsense. Skeptic Magazine has assiduously monitored such material for these last two decades, and Michael has subsequently turned out books that belong on all library shelves.


The James Randi Educational Foundation applauds this fine periodical and looks forward to seeing it continue as a beacon of both common sense and serious science. Please consider giving gift subscriptions to Skeptic Magazine the next time you need to provide a reasonable sign of your recognition in some young person's life. We'll all be better off for that action.


Until 2022, when I just may still be around, congratulations to Michael Shermer and Skeptic Magazine!


James Randi is the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation.