Here is a rundown of the top stories in oddities and paranormal news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was a busy, busy news week as Hurricane Sandy and Halloween dominated the weird news feeds.

As the hurricane hit New Jersey and New York, the news feeds exploded with rumors and fake photos

A Twitter troll added to the confusion and panic for reporters. 

It was difficult to keep on top of all the false news rolling in. 

It got weird as Obama was accused of engineering the storm just in time for the election. 

The storm was spun to suit lots of agendas, political, mostly. 

This guy made it a priority to keep any mention of global warming off the Wikipedia page for Sandy. 

But, don't panic about the rats

Halloween brings out the creepy stories en masse. The Polish church called the holiday Satanic

There was panic over potential run-ins with sex offenders. 

Then the rare odd thing appeared in trick or treat bags. 

A poll about Halloween, the supernatural, and monsters turned into a correlation between belief in demon possession and global warming

Speaking of demons, they were all over the place this week. In this story, a Colombian family said they have a demon baby

And remember America's most popular "real exorcist", Rev. Bob Larson and his band of teenage girl exorcists?

Well, his new show on Lifetime network got canned   just prior to the premier over flak he received from an old anti-gay demon video. 

No sympathy here.

Back to the election, supporters of Mitt Romney for President have organized a Mega Prayer event. It was backed by one of the lamest misunderstandings about science you'll have seen in a while, to the point where one questions if it's a joke or genuine. 

In another display of sham science, a video game company is looking for an experienced paranormal investigator. You need to know how to work the gadgets with blinky lights and stuff.  

Onto psychic news, the Merseyside Skeptics and U.K. crew tested psychics and delivered the results on Halloween. They failed but that was not acceptable to one psychic. 

Jeff Probst, who has a new TV show, teams up with Mark Edward to peer into the world of the psychics

Why? Because of people like this woman who was bilked out of a LOT of money. In this case, the psychic preyed upon her Christianity as well. 

Finally, a roundup of really weird stuff (as if the above wasn't enough…):

An anomaly investigation group wonders if the days of UFOs are over. Really? They may need to come across the pond. 

A group of New Age believers buried orgonite "energy devices" at Serpent Mound state park. That's a BIG no-no. 

Pilots are worried that conspiracy theorists who buy into the chemtrail idea may try to shoot down planes

And, it's the Russians, Yeti again, who claim proof of a hairy hominid in Siberia. Well, one Russian scientist. And no one seems to agree with him, so… take that for what it's worth. 

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