Here is a rundown of the top stories in pseudoscience and paranormal news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was a VERY busy week in news. First, it was Amazing Meeting week! Here is a summary. In another part of town, uber-skeptic Dr. Steve Novella shows us how to win an impromptu vaccination debate.

In an update to an early story about a Portland Oregon school district that spent nearly $200K fighting a lawsuit about wi-fi, the judge throws out the case with no resolution.

There was some good news about how complaints may get you somewhere, the "Your Baby can Read" company is going out of business. Although, maybe they tanked because babies CAN'T learn to read with this product.

In this astounding story, gorillas identify snares as dangerous and REMOVE them. Even for people! Fascinating if true.

A case of hot reading or something else? This nurse, who calls herself a psychic, is targeted for snooping in medical files. She is accused of trying to get inside info, but that's illegal under patient privacy acts.

The world is not looking up for motivational speaker Tony Robbins who uses fire walking to help participants overcome their fears and succeed. Except, 21 people didn't succeed. They received second and third degree burns.

An orchestrated attack on alternative medicine critic, Edzard Ernst was revealed this week. It is not unlike the means both the tobacco industry and the fossil fuel companies attempted to sway science and public opinion toward their agenda. This is a tactic now.

More bad news for Scientology-based rehab center as ANOTHER death of a patient has come to light.

But, if your pizza place is in trouble, just give it a paranormal twist. Check out this story for really lame "evidence" of the paranormal. It's great evidence for gravity, though.

Is this statue bleeding or is it cherry season for the local birds?

Your tip for the week: sitting in one spot without moving around WILL kill you. Sometimes sooner than you think.

The most ridiculous story of the week came from Mike Adams at Natural News who went off the rails with baseless speculation about the Aurora, Colorado shooter. There is no rational content in his story. In an effort to keep down click-throughs to his site (one of the most egregious sources of pseudoscience on the net), we have included a web cache of the page for you to see in all its crazy glory.

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