Our good friend Robert Sheaffer, to whom I turn on occasion to solve a UFO inquiry or two, turned out a book last year titled Psychic Vibrations – which is also the name of his column in the Skeptical Inquirer… That’s been going since 1977! That’s a lot of “vibes,” wouldn’t we all agree…? And it’s all garnished with the great illustrations of Rob Pudim, which very often don’t require any captions at all.


Now, I don’t often do book revues, but I recently took this 318-page collection of items along as reading material on one of those very long flights with a number of plane changes. Booorrring!  I survived that event largely because I had this book with me, folks.  I just know that I earned a lot of frowns and position-changing from my neighbors when I repeatedly scribbled out phrases and notes from Bob’s book while chuckling, which is exactly what it claims: Skeptical Giggles from The Skeptical Inquirer.

Truth be told, it’s often difficult to laugh at those who embrace the nutty ideas and philosophies that we deal with.  I’m more often reduced to sighs and regret when I deal with those who regularly lay their problems at my door, but I do what I can to understand their problems and be as nice as I can manage.  Now I can point them to Bob’s book and hope that they’ll begin to see – from a different angle – just what we skeptics try to get across to them.

Yes, this was a great way to be reminded of so many hilarious items that Bob Sheaffer has shuffled together for us to have all in one place, friends, and I highly recommend that you invest in a copy. Place it alongside your copies of my books, but leave room for my 10th –  A Magician in the Laboratory

Yes, I have specially good friends, don’t I?