Some of the most important work in promoting science and skepticism happens at the grassroots level. There are regional skeptical organizations all over the world that serve their local communities, and we like to regularly shine the spotlight on some of them.

The Air Capital Skeptics formed just over a year ago as a community of rationalists and critical thinkers in the Wichita, Kansas area. Dozens of members regularly attend their Skeptics in the Pub events, which serve as both venues for educational presentations and as social gatherings for like-minded skeptics. They also host Skeptics in the Park, where families can share a meal and perform outdoor science experiments with their kids.

I spoke to Sean Gillespie, the founder of Air Capital Skeptics, who told me he started the group after traveling for business and seeing so many other regional skeptics' organizations around the country. He thought fellow skeptics in Wichita might feel less isolated if such a group existed in their area.

In addition to promoting science and critical thinking in their own circles, members of the Air Capital Skeptics have organized their own Rapture Day events and will be presenting the Skeptics of Oz conference next year.

Gillespie says that in the future, he would like the Air Capital Skeptics to engage in more activism projects, including investigating local faith healers who may be harming the community with false claims. He also wants to do regular science demonstrations to capture the attention of local children and spark their interest in critical thinking.

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