1-randi-laughing-TAM2011As the JREF announced yesterday on our social networks, the Earth has just started -- for me -- its 84th tour of the Sun. I'm appropriately flattered and edified at the number of good wishes that came my way via the various online services we now enjoy, and I thank you all for your kind comments. 

May you all have the degree of satisfaction that I enjoy in my position with the JREF, a position I hold only because of the wonderful support and input I get from my staff and friends.  Please believe my gratitude for such firm assistance and joy that I'm shown as I plug away every day working on my next -- 10th -- book, and try to keep up my correspondence.

The JREF is reaching new heights in educating the public, inspiring our next generation of critical thinkers, and developing even more exciting events for everyone who embraces the skeptical/rational point of view.

Thank you, one and all.  Per ardua ad astra...

James Randi.