JREF11web_tamheader_logo2Ideally, I'd be sending out a personal postal letter of gratitude to each of the 1,652 persons who attended TAM9 for having journeyed to Las Vegas and graced our meeting with their presence, their applause, smiles, warm expressions of dedication and -- lest I forget -- those welcome handshakes and hugs that I sought and so enjoyed.  The time and expense involved rather suggested that a message on Randi.org would be a wiser way to go...  Yes, I'm one of those old-fashioned guys who still wants to "press the flesh" and look a friend in the eye, though I took a certain chance of dislocation and fracture of my aging bones during the four action-packed days we celebrated reason and rationality during our meeting...  I'm still a bit giddy from our encounter, and clashing my gears getting back to the regular operations of the JREF...

Soliciting hugs was entirely my idea, and it was certainly met with acceptance from the TAM9 participants.  Thank you, all.  I got to chat with so many of you and learn your concerns and interests, all of which will make subsequent such events even tighter and more productive for you all; if you didn't get to leave us your comments in the survey we provided, please try to do so.  We tried ESP and vibrations, and found that they just didn't work.  Surprise, surprise!

The former HQ of the JREF in Fort Lauderdale stands empty. The actual, physical, JREF office in Los Angeles is being decided upon as you read this, and it will be available for visits, information, and regular programs and meetings -- much, much, smaller that any TAM affair -- but hopefully the same sort of once-a-month assembly we used to do in Fort Lauderdale on the last Wednesday of every month -- though those will also be continued here in Florida at another location.  Stay tuned for notifications here on Randi.org.

The echoes of TAM9 have died down, and the specter of how to surpass it with TAM10 next year, looms before us.  Oh my, as George Takei would say... (Try this for a sample...)

Thank you, one and all. I am most grateful and humbled by your assistance in keeping the JREF active, productive, and inventive.

James Randi