Talcum Powder Cures Magnetism! PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Randi   

Ivan-Stoiljkovic-magnetic-boy-150x150To all those SWIFT readers – and others – who have excitedly posted me the hot news release about the Croatian boy who is said to have a “magnetic body,” I simply ask you to go to this link first and read the “Same old magnetic flummery” article, then come back here…

The fact that aluminum pots – as well as copper and silver coins – stick to this kid, rather shows that his touted “magnetism” – unless it has been drastically improved to pick up normally non-magnetic materials – is simply due to sticky skin.  One of the substances normally present on human skin, a naturally-generated protective oil, is sebum, a waxy and particularly adhesive chemical that washes off easily. So, if you want to be clean, take a bath. Of course you'll have to give up your chosen profession of going about with junk stuck to your body, but you’ll do a lot better on the social level.

As you might have seen on a video clip from one of the programs I did on Seoul Broadcasting a few years ago, I defeated the similar claims of a Chinese gentleman who even stuck a porcelain toilet-lid to his own son’s chest to prove how magnetic his whole family was. I dusted father and son with talcum powder, and their powers evaporated…

When are the media going to actually going to investigate these ridiculous claims, rather than accepting them for cheap news items? Surely a reputable news agency wouldn’t do that, would they? Oh, my! Apparently it's the Reuters News Agency who haven’t heard about that radical idea of looking at the evidence…!