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Written by James Randi   
After months of debate and protest, Romanian income tax officials have now formally become aware of the fact that certain professions have escaped their net by working from the shadows, so to speak. The government has now officially amended its labor laws to include astrology and witchcraft as actual professions, meaning that star-charters and ladies-on-brooms will now have to pay up annually, perhaps on one of our April Fools Days – April 1st or 15th…

Recession of the economy in that country has prompted the law to require these woo-woo artists to pay their share of supporting the country while they continue to misinform, swindle, and cheat the citizens – professionally. Sounds fair to me. The hoi polloi will never give up their favored delusions, so I think they should contribute to the support of superstition – religious or not – and to the cumbersome governmental system that has to now handle another angle of public idiocy.

Ah, but now a real witch has announced that the Romanian bureaucracy will be reduced to a shambles as the result of her planned interference. She’ll be casting her famous tried-and-true “black pepper and yeast” curse, so we can confidently expect that the country will collapse. It sure beats the “tobasco and baking powder” spell, I can tell you…

(What’s that cackling I’m hearing…?)