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Written by Bart Farkas   
The James Randi Educational Foundation is proud to announce that Polaris Financial Planning has come on board as the first educational partner for the JREF in the Classroom program. By donating $2,500 during the Season of Reason 2010, Polaris Financial not only becomes the first partner in this new educational program, it also doubled its donation to $5,000 due to the generous matching gift made by an anonymous donor. The matching gift is available only during the Season of Reason 2010 campaign that ends January 15, 2011.
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JREF in the Classroom is the centerpiece of the foundation’s work to bring its educational mission and message of skepticism and critical thinking to K-12 teachers and their students. Participating teachers promote critical thinking, science appreciation, information literacy, and raise awareness about the need to critically examine unproven claims. As the program succeeds, their students gain an intellectual toolset needed to succeed in school and better navigate a life full of difficult decisions, confusing information, and conflicting claims. Best of all, the JREF hopes the kids find the material irresistible as it often examines fascinating topics from the paranormal and extraordinary claims from the fringes of science while remaining relevant to other classroom content and addressing expected educational standards.

Through this program, teachers have access to a growing catalogue of grade-specific standards-focused resources including lesson modules, activity guides, multimedia materials, and more. Download the Do You have ESP? module here for an example of this new JREF in the Classroom content. Email for more information.

CEO of Polaris Financial Planning, Phil Ferguson stated, “Polaris Financial Planning is proud to be a supporter on the vanguard of the JREF’s educational programs. Becoming the first supporter in the JREF in the Classroom program is the perfect fit for our company and its goal to support critical thinking and science education. Ultimately I’m hopeful that others will follow our lead and support the JREF’s work by becoming educational partners themselves.”Polaris_Phil_Ferguson

The James Randi Educational Foundation encourages partners to donate $2,500 or more directly to the educational department to underwrite the JREF’s important work in developing critical thinking skills and science curricula for K-12 educators.  If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the JREF in the Classroom program, email or email for more information on the program itself. For more information about Polaris Financial Planning, visit