chicago_workshopThanks to Jennifer Newport and the Chicago Skeptics for helping to host the James Randi Educational Foundation’s regional workshop in Chicago this past weekend.  Twelve attended the workshop on divination with dowsing rods and pendulums, which was offered free to JREF members. Participants made their own dowsing rods and pendulums while learning how to set up a scientific study to test their effectiveness. The workshop also included a historical review of divination as well as an in-depth look at the dangers of contemporary dowsing including the ADE 651 “bomb detector”.  

Attendees, presenters, and others were then treated to an evening of fun at the Drinking Skeptically event, again hosted by Chicago Skeptics. The night featured video from the JREF’s Amazing Adventure to the Galapagos, a talk by me on the pseudoscience of cryptozoology, a little magic, and plenty of good conversation.

Watch for information about new JREF regional workshops in additional cities to be announced soon.