June 18-20, I'll be appearing at an international conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in the Royal Danish Library. This meeting is hosted in collaboration with the Danish Atheist Society and the Atheist Alliance International. Now, JREFers know that though I'm firmly an atheist, my stance is not quite in accord with the one commonly adopted by so many of the atheist groups, who say that there is no God. I can't accept that definition, because I cannot prove that contention; proving such a negative claim is, essentially, impossible. My stance is that I find no good evidence to support a belief in any deity, which is, to me, much more reasonable... I trust that I'll be able to make that point in my talk, and continue to enlist the support of rationalists both here in the USA and abroad.

This conference already has a list of great speakers such as Dan Barker, P.Z. Myers, A.C. Grayling, Victor Stenger, Rebecca Watson, Richard Wiseman, and others. The full list can be seen here.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of this trip, I'm hoping to interest other groups abroad to employ my talents as a lecturer while I'm in their area of the world this June. I'm now fully back in lecture mode, healthwise, and rarin' to get into action, folks. I've lots of new material, some selected from my forthcoming book, A Magician in the Laboratory, and other interesting discussion matters that have come my way in the two years I've been "out of action."

As always, I'll be available for press conferences, interviews, and even actual examination of paranormal claims for the JREF million-dollar prize — still unclaimed! — if and when time permits. Inquiries about my availability as a lecturer can be made to my assistant, Brandon K. Thorp, at the JREF.