Join us in St. Louis for a workshop to teach about the history, research and use of divining devices. Each attendee will make their own pair of dowsing rods and a pendulum and use them in an experiment to test their divination abilities. After the experiement, dowsing will be deconstructed for the group, allowing everyone to demonstrate and explain why many people are skeptical of the claims made by dowsers.

The workshop will take place at the Buder branch of the St. Louis Public Library on Saturday, February 20th. It will last approximately 3 hours. This event is a joint effort between the James Randi Educational Foundation and the Skeptical Society of St. Louis. You can register for the workshop at:

About the presenters:

Dr. Christina L. Stephens is a science writer and biomechanics researcher who writes for the JREF and at She is chair of the Fringe Science Investigations Committee of the Skeptical Society of St. Louis, a committee dedicated to research and investigation of paranormal, pseudoscience, and alternative medicine claims.

Zi Teng Wang is a scientist and amateur magician, and long-time skeptic with special interest in evolutionary biology and the American educational system. He is active in the Skeptical Society of St Louis as well as the St Louis atheists meetup group, and is excited to bring his knowledge to bear on matters of skepticism, pseudoscience and psychology.