D.J. Grothe, host of the weekly radio show and podcast Point of Inquiry for the last four years, has launched a new podcast in association with the James Randi Educational Foundation. Each episode of the new show will feature long-form interviews with leading thinkers on issues at the intersection of skepticism and belief. For Good Reason will also feature regular audio essays by acclaimed magician and skeptic Jamy Ian Swiss, The Honest Liar. Grothe's podcast compliments the format of the popular Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, which is also produced in association with the JREF.

The first episode of For Good Reason, featuring an interview with James Randi on the importance of the JREF, is now live at www.forgoodreason.orgRandi discusses his recent experience of chemotherapy, and pseudoscientific cancer treatments, such as acupuncture. He talks talks about the expansion of the Million Dollar Challenge, the prize the JREF will award to anyone who demonstrates under mutually agreed upon scientific conditions any paranormal claim. He describes the JREF's renewed investment in the grassroots skeptical movement, and the international expansion of The Amaz!ng Meetings. He also reacts to the recent arrest of bomb dowsing huckster James McCormick on suspicion of fraud, stressing the real-world benefits of applying skepticism to such untested claims.

Special thanks is due The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science for generous initial underwriting of this new podcast.

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