As you've probably heard, Phil is soon leaving us to pursue a television project, and D. J. Grothe will become the Foundation's new President, beginning January 1, 2010. So as we prepare to enter the year 2010, we of the James Randi Educational Foundation face new challenges and also new opportunities.

I accepted Phil's decision to move on with great reluctance, a reluctance tempered by the coming-aboard of D. J. Grothe, whose extensive experience with other skeptical causes will serve us well, I'm very sure. Of course, we'll always continue to welcome Phil's advice, critiques, and observations on how we're progressing. His number will always be on my phone dialer, and he can expect calls to help us over any bumps that may lie ahead.

Now, we're being warned by the woo-woos that in 2012 everything will come to a fiery end, as they believe that the ancient Mayans knew about such matters. However, Sylvia Browne hasn't made exit plans so far, so we can be confident -- based on her past record of knowing the future with such pin-point accuracy -- that those Meso-Americans might have been off a bit...

I am excited about the JREF's future. Incoming President Grothe is full of great plans and ideas, and he'll be working with the full and energetic cooperation of Linda, Alison, Jeff, Brandon, Rich, Bart and myself to increase the impact of the JREF in the years ahead. Just stand back and give us room!