If you're in the Wasington DC area, don't miss this event feature D. J. Grothe, Chip Denman, and Jamy Ian Swiss!  More information at National Capital Area Skeptics.

October 24, 2009: 1:00-5:30 PM - Science, Magic, & Skepticism: A Natural Relationship
Workshop/Lectures and Demonstrations - AAAS Auditorium

Using discussion and demonstration, we'll explore the connection between magic and skepticism. Joining Jamy will be D.J. Grothe, magician, skeptic, and host of Point of Inquiry, CFI's radio show and podcast, and D.C.'s own Chip Denman, a founder of the National Capital Area Skeptics

  • D.J. Grothe, The History of Magic in Skepticism

  • Chip Denman, If the Spirit is Willing:
    Séance mediums and the scientists who investigated them

  • Jamy Ian Swiss: The Illusion of Psychic Powers

  • Q&A on Magic, Skepticism, Science, and Reason
    - with Swiss, Grothe, Denman.

7:30 PM - HEAVY MENTAL Show - AAAS Auditorium

Witness an amazing performance of baffling, unnerving, "mind reading" phenomena - accomplished with pure, psychology, subtle influence, deft illusion, uncanny intuition, and a healthy dose of downright deception - what Jamy calls "sleight of mind."

If there was such a thing as psychic power, it would have to look like this! Come and see for yourself how five ordinary senses can convince you that somehow, some way - there must be a sixth.

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