We are sad to announce that A B Kovacs, our Director of Operations, is leaving the JREF. During her tenure with us she has worked tirelessly and with devotion to further the cause of the JREF, but sometimes outside events intervene.

A B was and will remain a great friend to the JREF and to the skeptical movement. She prepared a short statement for our community:

For the past 7 months, I have truly enjoyed my time as the Director of Operations for the JREF. I especially liked TAM7 planning with the team and getting to know some of you much better.  Some of you may know that to take on the role of Director of Operations, I became a partner in a fledgling business called Audacity Events.  This enabled me to work with the JREF and still meet the needs of my family. Unexpectedly, Audacity Events has taken off and for the past few months, I have been torn between my role at the JREF and my role as a business owner.   If time were not an issue, and it became possible for me to work 3 full time jobs, I would be able to maintain the level of commitment to the JREF that the skeptic community deserves.  However, time is an issue, and I find that my non-JREF responsibilities are taking up more time than I anticipated.

As a skeptic, the JREF has been and will continue to be very important to me. However, as a business owner, my life is going in a slightly different direction. After much discussion with Phil, we have mutually decided that it is best for both the JREF and for me that I focus on Audacity.  I will continue as both a member of the JREF community and a fan of the organization. I do hope that I will see you all both here on the Forum and over at Skepchick.org!

While we're unhappy to see her go, we hope for the best for her, and will always look forward to seeing her at skeptical events in the future.