The JREF Academic Scholarships are awarded every year to deserving young student skeptics from around the world who show an outstanding ability to use critical thinking in their chosen fields. Four scholarships are awarded totalling $10,000, and the winners are chosen by a distinguished - and picky - committee. If you are a student and you use your skeptical skills in your work, then you should apply.

And now we are pleased to announce that the pot has been sweetened as well.

Thanks to the generosity of JREF supporters Dean and Dorea Schramm, each scholarship recipient will also receive an additional cash stipend. The Schramms have also offered to the winners a one-year subscription of Church and State magazine, Free Inquiry magazine, or Freethought Today, as well as a copy of Dean Schramm’s humanist book Dreamtrial to any winners who elect to receive them.

If you want to apply, don't delay! The deadline for applications is August 1.