tamlondonsmallWe are pleased - though a little shocked - to announce that tickets for The Amaz!ng Meeting London have sold out... in an hour! Tickets went on sale at noon London time today, and before we could even announce here on Swift that registration was open, tickets had sold out.

This is very exciting news, for many obvious reasons. But I think the most important one has to do with critical thinkers in UK themselves: we knew there was a thriving skeptic community there, but this clearly indicates it's really active and engaged! Many of us have seen first-hand how outgoing our British friends are - Skeptics in the Pub brings in hundreds of attendees, for example - and it's simply terrific to see them so excited about TAM London.

So on behalf of the JREF, our speakers, and everyone else involved, thank you for your enthusiastic and warm welcome for our first international TAM, and we'll see you in October!