Our good friend Ernie brings to our attention this note he got from NBC regarding the scheduled broadcast of a Dateline investigation into Dennis Lee, a man who claims he can generate free electricity.

Thanks for writing to us about our scheduled Dateline NBC "Financial Fiasco" broadcast last Sunday.

NBC's live coverage of the rain-delayed golf tournament (Tiger Woods came from 5 strokes back to win on the final hole!) pre-empted Dateline in the East and Central time zones.

So, a back-up show ran in the West, and the full "Financial Fiasco" hour has been re-scheduled for this Sunday, April 5, at 7pm Eastern/ 6pm Central.

We hope you'll be able to join us then.


Steve Eckert
Dateline NBC

So those of you who were looking forward to watching it last week can blame Tiger Woods. Those who thought they missed.... you owe Tiger a beer.