The indomitable Eric Krieg of PhACT - the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking - tells us to watch Dateline NBC, 7pm EDT, Sunday March 29th.  One of the half-hour segments will be on scammer Dennis Lee's latest deceit - a nationally-sold $1000+ fuel-saver kit he claimed would get at least a 50% mileage boost - they say often over 100mpg - using the phony old magnets, fuel additives and hydrogen electrolysis devices.  Lee claims to have thousands of happy customers, though he's unable - even for a $1000 offer - to find any of them willing to participate in a proper demo of the mileage advantage he claims.  Eric was recently sued by Lee, and that suit was dismissed by the court. Both Eric and leading skeptic/scientist/author Bob Park will be offering their skeptical point of view on Dateline.  Full-page ads for this device ran in magazines like Newsweek and US News, which brought Dennis Lee to the attention of the FTC who use the expression "to the fullest extent of the law" to describe their prosecution effort.  You can see Eric's skeptical response to Lee's mileage claims at