We have two big TAM-related news items for you today.

1) The JREF is very pleased and excited to announce that registration for The Amaz!ng Meeting 7, our annual conference on critical thinking, will open on Wednesday, February 25, 2009!

TAM 7 will be from July 9 - 12, 2009 at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. As always, we have a fantastic lineup of guest speakers, including Mythbuster Adam Savage, skeptical investigator Joe Nickell, science writer and head of the Science and Entertainment Exchange Jennifer Ouellette, and of course our very own Phil Plait and the head guy himself, James Randi.

We're also very pleased to announce that our keynote speaker is Bill Prady, Executive Producer of the hit TV show "The Big Bang Theory." Bill is a science and scifi buff, and The Big Bang Theory has done a great (and hilarious) job of mainstreaming science and scientists on television. He'll be speaking on how the show got on the air, how they portray science, and what the environment is like in Hollywood for science-minded programming.

We'll also have our usual great lineup of workshops, magic shows, and extracurricular activities. As time goes on we'll have more announcements about the schedule for TAM 7 (we're not going to reveal everything here!) including some new and exciting events.

Hotel rooms are already available at the South Point; contact them at 866-796-7111 and tell them you will be attending The Amaz!ng Meeting being held by the JREF to reserve your rooms now and get the group discount rate.

2) The second news is big, too: the TAMs have become so popular that we're going international! On October 3-4 of 2009 we will be hosting TAM London, featuring a UK-centred list of brilliant speakers. We're still working on the line-up, and we already have some pretty big names committed... but we're not going to tell you who just yet. Patience! But mark the date: you won't regret it.