A B Kovacs and James RandiIt is our pleasure to announce A B Kovacs is the new Director of Operations of the JREF. We heard from many excellent applicants, and the final decision was a difficult one. But A (yes, her first name is just the letter "A") distinguished herself with her qualifications and her obvious devotion to the skeptical movement.

As Director of Operations, A will be the functional manager for all employees, event manager for special events, and member relationship manager. She will also be responsible for the JREF's consistent achievement of its mission, goals, and financial objectives.

A is a long time friend of the JREF, and a familiar face to anyone who has attended a TAM. She is a blogger at Skepchick.org, and is quite active in the skeptic movement. We're very excited to have her join our family at the JREF, and to be a part of the expanding goals toward which we're working. With Randi's support, and new president Phil Plait's direction, we plan on increasing the JREF's involvement even more into such areas as education and online activities, and have great and exciting plans for future TAMs and the skeptical community. Stay tuned here for more information about those as they evolve.

In the meantime, please help us welcome A into the fold. With her help, the JREF will be stronger and have a brighter future than ever.