Haunted AmericaJREF is very pleased to announce publication of the latest addition to its growing collection of ebooks.

Karen Stollznow's Haunting America follows the author, a JREF research fellow, as she hits the road to investigate some of America's most haunted places.

From Alcatraz to Coral Castle, the Myrtles Plantation to the Winchester Mystery House, Stollznow leaves no stone unturned and no "spirit" unsettled in her search for the truth behind the scares. She details her use of the best investigative methods to apply scientific inquiry to these paranormal claims.

Haunting America is just a click or a tap away for the Amazon Kindle, and will be coming soon for the Nook and iOS devices. Experience for yourself the book that James Randi says is for those of us who love legends, but also want to know the truth.