Newsweek today did a feature on Randi, JREF, and The Amaz!ng Meeting: "Inside a brilliant, nerdy, arrogant, sort of admirable, sort of insufferable movement that questions everything—and wants to upend the way you live and think."

The Bullshit Police

The activists of TAM see themselves as waging a broad, multifront battle to drag American culture, inch by inch, away from the nonscientific and the nonlogical. This turns out to be a surprisingly uphill struggle. Probably the majority of Americans believe in some degree of what JREF’s founder, James Randi, calls “woo-woo.”

“People like the flavor of bullshit, the aroma,” Randi says. “It’s very rare that people will stand for a complete lack of bullshit in anything.”

The feature article also includes comments by JREF Senior Fellow Jamy Ian Swiss, Daniel Loxton, Richard Saunders, Michael Shermer, and many more.

“I’m interested in looking at proof of paranormal claims, weird creatures, medical healings, spoon bending, talking to the dead—that’s my game.” - Richard Saunders

You can read the entire article here.

D.J. Grothe is president of the James Randi Educational Foundation