SBMmontage02In cooperation with the Science-Based Medicine blog, which is an invaluable source of expert information on all manner of medical topics, JREF is publishing a number of books on the topic. Led by executive editor Dr. Steven Novella, who heads JREF’s Science-Based Medicine Project, the blog’s team of writers regularly shine the light of good science on spurious health claims, and these new books anthologize their best writing on issues ranging from vaccines and naturopathy to homeopathy and nutritional supplements. Their science-based and skeptical treatment of these issues are of interest to skeptics, non-skeptics, and educated medical consumers alike.

Contributors to the book series include Dr. David Gorski, Dr. Harriet Hall, Dr. Mark Crislip, Dr. Kimball Atwood, Dr. Peter Lipson, Dr. Joseph Albietz, Dr. Scott Gavura, Dr. David Kroll, Dr. John M. Snyder, and Dr. Wallace Sampson, among many more science-based doctors and researchers.

The titles are available on Kindle, iBooks, and Nook for just $4.99. You can buy a whole library of books on science based medicine for the cost of dinner out. 

We have already announced the first three volumes on naturopathy, miscellaneous CAM, and homeopathy. Now, we are pleased to bring you the next three ebooks in this exciting series:

Science-Based Medicine: Guide to Vaccines, Vaccine Preventable Illnesses and Autism

Science-Based Medicine: Guide to Quackademic Medicine

Science-Based Medicine: Guide to Herbs, Supplements and Nutrition