This month, several scientists, skeptics, and concerned members of the public have been bringing attention to the Burzynski cancer clinic in Houston, Texas. Many desperate cancer patients have sought out the experimental treatments Burzynski offers, hoping both for a more effective and less debilitating regimen of care than they believe mainstream medicine can provide. But after decades of performing these very expensive treatments and barely publishing any results in peer-reviewed medical journals, it’s looking like Stanislaw Burzynski may be nothing more than a cancer quack.

We have explored the truth behind the Burzynski Clinic in two of our JREF digital productions. First, on the latest episode of our video series The Randi Show, James Randi talks about his own experience undergoing chemotherapy and excoriates those charlatans and unethical doctors who profit from people in need of real medical help. You can watch that episode below or on our YouTube page.

And on the latest episode of our podcast Consequence, host Brian Thompson talks with oncologist David Gorski about the methods Burzynski uses and the reasons medical professionals are suspicious of the Burzynski Clinic’s operation. Plus, researcher and activist Bob Blaskiewicz takes listeners through some case studies of people who have been treated at the clinic and points us to his website,, which has become an invaluable resource for those seeking more information about Stanislaw Burzynski’s apparently spurious claims. You can listen to that episode here and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.