Dear Friend of Scientific Skepticism:

People really are hurt when they believe supernatural nonsense, and that's why James Randi and the JREF advocate for critical thinking and skepticism as a form of intellectual self defense. We stand between those taken advantage of and the charlatans who abuse them, and provide credible expertise – both to the public and to the media – about irresponsible and harmful pseudoscientific and paranormal claims.

2012 is quickly coming to an end (even as the world didn't) and as you would expect, the JREF is busy with our plans for 2013. But it is only with your much-needed support that we will be able to continue battling unreason into the New Year.

We have only a few days left in our Season of Reason campaign to raise the support we’ll need to continue fighting the fakers and enabling people to defend themselves from paranormal and pseudoscientific scams. Please join with Randi and our team at the JREF as we stand up for reason and continue battling for you and other science-minded folks in the coming year.

Your contribution will enable us to:

  • Expose paranormal and pseudoscientific frauds. Uniquely among organizations who oppose unreason, we challenge the James Van Praaghs and the quacks with our $1 Million prize for anyone who can prove a paranormal ability under fair conditions.
  • Support the skeptical community and important grassroots consumer advocates who fight for the public’s right to know the real facts.
  • Organize the world's leading annual skeptics conference, The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM) in Las Vegas, featuring the brightest thinkers and skeptics from around the world, in addition to numerous activist and educator training workshops. Over half a million people have viewed videos of recent TAM sessions online.
  • Create and inspire the investigative spirit in a new generation of critical thinkers by providing grants and free teaching resources to educators, scholarships for students, and free resources for the classroom.
  • And spread the "good news" of critical thinking through educational and digital outreach initiatives including podcasts, online articles, videos, digital publishing, and mobile apps.

But we can only do so with your help.

And thanks to a very generous and long-time friend of the JREF, one who recognizes that Randi and the JREF team are uniquely positioned to respond to harmful claims made by peddlers of woo-woo in our society, all donations up to $150,000 through the end of the Season of Reason will be matched – dollar-for-dollar!

This means that we have a great opportunity — for a limited time, you have a chance to take your important support of our work to the next level, and make your gift go twice as far. Donate to the JREF today, and the impact of your support will be doubled — but only if you contribute now.

For these reasons and more, I’m asking you to support the JREF at this critical time. I’ve worked for the last fifteen years to help make the world a little saner, and all of us at the JREF are dedicated, more than ever, to promote critical thinking and skepticism to the public. And I’ve never been more optimistic that with your help we can continue to do amazing things for scientific skepticism. 



D.J. Grothe
President, James Randi Educaitonal Foundation

P.S.  – Please make your most generous donation today in order to double your gift to the JREF.

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