app1For years now, JREF research fellow Tim Farley has been tirelessly compiling a database of important dates in skeptic history, commemorating everything from the app3birthdays of skeptical luminaries like James Randi and Carl Sagan to the anniversaries of major scientific discoveries and breakthroughs. That exhaustive database is literally at your fingertips with the “Today in Skeptic History” app.

Co-created by Tim Farley and Mike Vargas and published by the JREF, “Today in Skeptic History” displays all the important skeptical events that happened on the date you open the app. It also provides links to more information about these events, and you can easily share them on social networks like Twitter or Facebook right from the app. Even better, you can search the entire database, using any date you like.

More events are added all the time, and “Today in Skeptic History” updates itself over the internet automatically. With 1,300 events and counting, you can spend hours brushing up on your knowledge of critical thinking’s long and fascinating history.

app2You can download the app for your iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod) for free right now.