consequencebuttonHow do unfounded beliefs actually hurt people?

That's a question every skeptic has heard, and should be prepared to answer. After all, it's not just enough to be right about the facts; we should use those facts to help people. Tim Farley's popular website What's the Harm? has long documented cases of woo gone awry-- stories of real people hurt by fake psychics, charlatans and other nonsense-peddlers. Today, we're happy to announce our new podcast, Consequence, which explores firsthand how pseudoscience and claims of the paranormal can be harmful to believers. In each episode, regular people share their personal narratives about the ways a belief in fortune tellers, alternative medicine, and other unsupported claims has hurt them or others.

On the premiere episode of Consequence, host and JREF outreach coordinator Brian Thompson talks to a young actor in New York City who lost thousands of dollars consulting with a storefront psychic who promised him fame and fortune. Plus, JREF fellow Tim Farley shares similar cases with even more harrowing consequences.

Consequence is a show that shares real stories about false things. Things that aren't just factually wrong, but hurt people too.

Hear the first episode of Consequence here.