If you are a teacher who makes critical thinking, skepticism, or information literacy part of your curriculum, we want to hear from you. We at the JREF want to learn more about the various resources educators are bringing into the classroom to inform and inspire their students to take a more critical approach to navigating our information-rich world.

It may be YouTube, Scooby-Doo, Flim-Flam!, Encyclopedia Brown, or The Demon Haunted World. Tell us what you are using and how you use it.

Whether you teach kindergarten or graduate school, I know that many have battle-tested lists of books, movies, videos clips, demonstrations, games, and activities used to make the skeptical perspective more accessible and compelling. We are asking that you share those resources with the JREF so that we can create an information base of skeptical teaching tools suited to every age group and educational environment. By compiling an exhaustive list of favorite resources and methods, we can share your great ideas and the benefit of your experience with other teachers and parents in the JREF community and beyond.

Gaining a better understanding of the methods and media that work for teachers will also help the JREF develop new content. We understand that educational materials are only effective if they are actually used, and that time is precious in the modern classroom. Help us find out what works, and why. We know that skepticism offers an abundance of fascinating subject matter with profound intellectual value. Now, we need to find the best means to thoughtfully bring the content to students in ways that are teacher-friendly, make use of technology, and easily integrate with existing curricula.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your syllabus, lesson plans, or a list of favorite books, videos, or websites for students. We look forward to learning from the creative ways you make skepticism part of the classroom experience.

Michael Blanford is the JREF's Director of Educational Programs.