Here is a rundown of the top stories in pseudoscience, paranormal and anomaly news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News

In an update to the story about the burning beach rocks, scientists have found that they were contaminated with combustable phosphorus that was likely manmade. But, the mystery remains of how it got there.

With the opening of the new Men in Black movie, will new reports of these mystery men who visit UFO witnesses become more popular? We ask paranormalist Jerome Clark about the differences between the “experience” and the “event”.

Many skeptics will recall the days of David Mabus flooding our social media and web sites with insults and threats of harm. The story of his troubles comes to light in this article about his recent suspended sentence for these charges.

The CDC sees fit to warn people not to panic over the rash of flesh eating incidents in the media. No, it's not a zombie invasion.

A Pentecostal minister dies in a snake handling ritual. He does not allow his followers to call for help until too late. Their faith is shaken. The snake lived.

Faith healing often turns out poorly. Sometimes, it's criminal. A women receives a prison sentence for failing to obtain medical help for her diabetic child who died.

In Saudi Arabia, thrill seekers go searching for jinn instead of ghosts. But the result is the same.

Speaking of the unscientific, a major magazine exposes the pseudoscience and pro-marketing focus of a major autism conference.

A world-renowned scientist shows a severe disconnect with those who disbelieve in science and evolution. More evidence is not going to convince those who don't care about evidence.

We are losing tigers rapidly due to their use in unproven, implausible Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments.

And for the “people really believe this stuff” story of the week: Pet finding psychics are becoming a thing. A thing that makes you feel “Ewww...”


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