Here is a rundown of the top stories in pseudoscience, paranormal and anomaly news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.  

Psychic animals predicting sports events is a “thing” that is not going away. Frankly, I miss the octopus.  

The psychic industry experienced a boost due to the bad economy as people searched for ANY way to feel in control of a scary situation.  

A psychic family in severe legal trouble appealed to celebrities on social media this week for their legal defense fund. They were shut down. So much for the stars being in your favor.

What happened to all the people who counted on the Apocalypse this past May and October? They were left quite confused. This may be a guide to what might come this December.  

In an actually valuable Bigfoot story this past week, a team of qualified scientists sends out a call for DNA thought to be from Bigfoot or his various relations. What will they find? Who knows. But it will be broadcast on TV.   

A fascinating story from Washington state – two witnesses claim to see a tiger lurking around the neighborhood. Frenzy ensued. Not a trace is found.   

Finally, JREF's D.J. Grothe is quoted in this confusing story of people dowsing for old graves to protect them from oil drilling. Thankfully, the historical society uses a more modern day technology.  

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