This week in Doubtful News:

There were three big mysteries making news this week. First, a package makes a postal worker ill. But what really happened is a story that is messy in many aspects.

A pilot has a close encounter over Denver that has UFO theorists intrigued.

Rocks collected on the beach gave us a genuine case of spontaneous combustion, resulting in a woman with burns and a question about where the reactive material came from.

Some consumer issues also made the news this week. U.S. trade officials declared a $40 million settlement over deceptive claims about toning shoes.

Consumer Reports questioned whether you really need all those vitamins and supplements.

And, in the U.K., an article over the potential safety hazards of alternative treatment sparked much name calling.

A group of kids head off to the Congo with big dreams of finding dinosaurs and giant spiders.

You will not believe this story on a Vietnamese Firestarter. Really, you won't.

Don't you miss Paul the psychic octopus? Instead, we have a llama and pig.

To continue with the odd beliefs, one business owner sees an angel as a sign at his pizza shop. And a member of Iceland's parliament reveals that country's continued belief in elves.

Parents are acquitted in the death of their son when they opted for faith healing instead of medical treatment. In an additional complication, the boy was 17 and also opted to forego treatment.

A psychic and crime investigator are called in to revitalize a missing child case in Texas. Guess who got top billing in the news?

And, speaking of top billing, one if not THE most popular psychic in the U.K., Derek Acorah really stepped in it this week, making lots of people angry with his thoughts on missing Madeleine McCann (whether or not he even said them). We've appropriately put him on the bottom.

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