italy_posterNext Wednesday, May 16, James Randi’s presentation in Milan, Italy will be broadcast live to all 35 locations of The Space theater chain throughout Italy. The live broadcast event is part of the theater’s cultural programing that also includes similar broadcasts of music, dance, opera, and other performances.

From The Space website (English Translation):

James Randi: A Life Among the Mysteries

Exclusively for The Space Cinemas, Massimo Polidoro presents an evening of mystery with a unique character: James Randi, the most famous paranormal investigator in the world. Former famous magician, exposer of charlatans and champion of rationality, Randi is finally back in Italy after 10 years to tell stories of his most sensational life with amazing performances for the exclusive audience of The Space Cinemas.

This event is being organized in collaboration with CICAP, the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, and the popular Italian science magazine, Focus.

"It will be a particularly spectacular," says Massimo Polidoro, considered one of the leading experts in the field of psychology of the unusual, the paranormal and mysteries in general. "We will talk about paranormal phenomena and Randi may bend some spoons on stage. He will reveal the tricks of the Filipino psychic healers and holy men of certain dangerous charismatic beliefs. Randi will also reveal some tricks of which he used to repeat on live TV, a few paranormal miracles performed in impossible conditions: for example, how could he could know a drawing made in secret by the American journalist Barbara Walters. We will see the videos of those performances and then look at the crucial moments in which lies the trick. But there is also much more: the case of water with memory, crop circles, the "Carlos hoax," his career as a magician (since when did he hang upside down on the falls of Niagara to escape from a straitjacket, when was he on tour with Alice Cooper and cut his head every night, and when did he play as himself in an episode of "Happy Days"). And of course he will also evoke his past as an escape artist like Houdini, repeating from stage a spectacular escape from the tied ropes. Finally, there will be no surprises when Randi will try to engage with some "magic distance" even with those who find themselves in rooms across Italy connected via satellite." 

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Broadcast live at the following The Space Cinema locations.


  • Beunasco [TO]
  • Belpasso [CT]
  • Bologna [BO]
  • Casamassima [BA}
  • Cerro Maggiore [MI]
  • Corciano [PG]
  • Florence [FI]
  • Genoa [GE]
  • Grosseto [GR]
  • Guidonia [RM]
  • Lamezia Terme [CZ]
  • Limena [PD]
  • Livorno [LI]
  • Milan Odeon [MI]
  • Montebello [PV]
  • Montesilvano [EP]
  • Napoli [NA]
  • Parma Barilla Center [PR]
  • Parma Campus [PR]
  • Pradamano [UD]
  • Quartucciu [CA]
  • Rome Modern [RM]
  • Rome Parco de Medici [RM]
  • Rozzano [MI]
  • Salerno [SA]
  • Sestu [CA]
  • Silea [TV]
  • Surbiton [LE]
  • Terni [TR]
  • Turin [TO]
  • Trieste [TS]
  • Verona [VR]
  • Vicenza [VI]
  • Vimercate [MB]