tam-2012Large conferences like TAM are very expensive to produce, and as a result registration fees may be unaffordable for some, especially students. While JREF offers a discounted registration to students and JREF members (below JREF's actual costs, in some cases), some people may still not be able to afford to attend.

We are happy to announce that due to several generous individuals who have partnered with the JREF to organize various grant programs to help those who need financial assistance to attend The Amaz!ng Meeting 2012, dozens of people will be able to come to TAM this year who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. These grants apply directly to the TAM registration fee in order to cover full registration. The grants do not cover airfare, hotel, or other expenses, inlcuding additional add-on events at TAM.

Here is information about how support this year’s grant programs, as well as how to apply:


  • Surly Women Grants. Spearheaded by Amy Davis Roth of Surly-Ramics with the goal of getting more women to TAM and involved with science and skepticism. More information on applying can be found over at Skepchick.

    You can contribute to the Surly Women Grant Fund by donating here or purchasing a limited edition handmade Surly-Ramics, “You can Make A Difference” necklace (50% of the proceeds go to the Surly Women Grants Fund).
  • JREF Forum Grants. This longstanding grant program is the result of a grassroots effort by several caring members of the JREF Forum online community who didn't want money to be a barrier to those who are passionate about the mission of the JREF. More information on applying can be found on the JREF Forum.

    You can contribute to the JREF Forum Grant Fund by donating here.

We've heard from countless people what a life changing experience attending TAM can be. Your support of the the JREF Forum Grant program or the Surly Women Grant Fund will help give that experience to those who could not otherwise afford to attend. Please support these important efforts today, and see you at TAM 2012!