Here is a rundown of the top stories in pseudoscience, paranormal and anomaly news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News

This was a big week for anti-vaccination groups. The Centers for Disease Control released a report on measles and blamed anti-vaccination attitudes.

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) run by Meryl Dorey which promotes “choice” as a way to spread vaccine hazard information is back in business after a court dispute.

Then, AVN is featured in an ad slot by American Airlines.

In psychic news, the Psychic Friends Network is now publicly traded so we'll be seeing more of them around.

A couple who made a claim that their rented house is haunted was popular on news sites everywhere. Paranormal investigators were called in. But, check out the paranormal investigators commenting on this post for a taste of what amateur ghost hunting is like.

Under miracle claims this week: Girl claims jinn causes tears of blood and a group called the Culture Shifters encourage young adults in faith healing.

Under questionable claims, there was a dispute about the science in online matchmaking sites.

A pilot confused by sleepiness panicked in an in-air manuever, confusing Venus for an aircraft.

A paleozoologist takes cryptozoology to task.

This Africa expedition has hints of creationism all over it.

And, finally: Desperate parents bury infant alive on advice from an Indian mystic.

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