• Wired Science, March 23, 2012
    Why Magicians Are a Scientist's Best Friend
    We can’t make magicians out of scientists — we wouldn’t want to — but we can help scientists “think in the groove” — think like a magician. And we should.
  • C21 Media, March 30, 2012
    Liar wins Mipdoc pitch contest
    A US documentary about a magician who has spent decades debunking ‘fraudulent’ paranormal and psychic claims has won the Mipdoc International Pitch competition.
  • International Business Times, March 31, 2012
    April Fool's Day: 8 Interesting Things And Hoaxes You Didn't Know
    The Pigasus Award is the name of an annual tongue-in-cheek award presented by well-known skeptic James Randi.
  • The Mandala, April 2, 2012
    The Academy of Magical Arts Awards Results
    The Academy of Magical Arts Awards show took place last night at the Saban Theatre in Hollywood and hosted by Mac King and produced by our own Storytime columnist Max Maven.
  • YouTube, March 25, 2012
    James Randi at the Reason Rally
  • Doubtful News, April 2, 2012
    JREF announces Pigasus awards
    Some people, like Van Praagh especially, do deserve the criticism.
  • Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, March 31, 2012
    Interview with James Randi
  • Friendly Atheist, March 29, 2012
    A Pseudoscience Fair with James Randi
    Instead of displays featuring volcanos and plants, participants will exhibit various forms of flim flam, explain why they are wrong, and show judges how to prevent getting scammed.
  • Northern News Services Online, March 28, 2012
    Lackluster response to faith healing
    When asked if he would take famous American skeptic and television personality James Randi's challenge, offering $1 million for any proof of the supernatural, Vogelsberger said he was not aware of it.
  • Bad Astronomy, March 25, 2012
    The Amaz!ng Meeting 10
    TAM is, well, an amazing event, with lots of fun and learning to be had. But it is a skeptical conference, so don’t take my word for it.
  • Al Jazeera English, March 25, 2012
    Thousands in US turn out for 'Reason Rally'
    Featuring an interview with James Randi.
  • NPR's On Point, March 26, 2012
    Atheists Rally in Washington
    Featuring an interview with James Randi.
  • Curiouser and Curiouser | CSI, March 21, 2012
    James Randi: An Honest Liar
    It’s a funny thing that one of the most influential figures in skepticism has never had his life properly documented in a film. That is about to change.
  • Forbes, March 14, 2012
    Vaccine Debate Acknowledged, Explained at Global Conference
    McCarthy has rallied and appeared on numerous talk shows to publicize her views, and in 2008 was awarded the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Pigasus Award, bestowed for contributions to pseudoscience.
  • The Skeptic Canary, March 12, 2012
    A Brief Write Up of QEDCon 2012
    After lunch JREF president DJ Grothe gave a very clever and introspective talk on skepticism which dismissed the myth that Americans don’t get irony!