dowsing_xscfcoverxsDowsing: Science or Pseudoscience? is a lesson module for high school classrooms that explores the history, claims, methods, and science of dowsing. Does it work? Is it science? What’s the harm? Featuring an introduction to the topic, discussion questions, and hands-on experimentation, Dowsing: Science or Pseudoscience? examines the ancient art of dowsing in a way that promotes well-reasoned critical examination of unproven and pseudoscientific claims.

The Case of the Cottingley Fairies: Examine the Evidence is an educational module designed with younger learners in mind (grades 3 through 5). Through The Case of the Cottingley Fairies, students take a fun and fascinating look at one of one of the most celebrated public hoaxes in history. This guide uses narrative, activities, and inquiry-based discussion to tell the Cottingley story while examining the role of publicity, celebrity, and physical evidence in shaping the public’s perception of extraordinary claims.

JREF educational modules are free, fully illustrated, and easy to use. They offer compelling topics, fun activities, and thought-provoking discussions that promote critical thinking and information literacy. The also address national science content standards and AAAS science literacy benchmarks.

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