Even though James Randi has kept a busy speaking schedule all over the world lately, traveling from Canada to Colorado to Los Angeles and many other places, he has still found time in recent weeks to speak in and around his home state of Florida.

Recently, Randi spoke at Broward College on behalf of their Psychology Club, where he taught students and faculty how to recognize flim-flam and how an in-depth knowledge of conjuring has equipped him for a life in skepticism. Randi always enjoys speaking on college campuses, and he relished the opportunity to meet with the students at Broward.

James Randi with Rabbi David Silver

Just weeks ago, Randi participated in a public discussion about religion and skepticism at Congregation L'Dor Va-Dor, a reform synagogue in Lake Worth led by Rabbi Barry Silver. Rabbi Silver, who is also an attorney, previously employed Randi's expertise in the successful prosecution of a Florida psychic who was swindling people out of their hard-earned cash by pretending to possess paranormal powers.

Rabbi Silver told the Sun-Sentinal, "[James Randi is] a consummate entertainer, magician, advocate for reason and science and debunker of fraud and con artists, he is a legend among free-thinkers and thus it was a great honor to have him visit us."

The Sun-Sentinal also spoke to an attendee of Randi's talk who said, "I think it is very interesting for James Randi to come to a synagogue since he is an atheist. Most synagogues would never allow that. It is important that we listen to different views and to question everything, even what is written in the Torah."

Thanks to everyone who made these appearances happen, and Randi looks forward to speaking around Florida and the rest of the world for years to come.