• Pharyngula | FreeThought Blogs, February 23, 2012
    Episode CCCV: Don't Do It, Carrie!
    Look! She actually videorecorded herself taking a massive overdose of a cold remedy! She survived. Calling poison control was a smart move — they had very good advice for her. And now she’s trying to return the favor and help everyone.
  • Towleroad, February 19, 2012
    James Randi to Get a Documentary: Vide
    James "The Amazing" Randi, the legendary conjurer, performer, writer, debunker of frauds, and lifelong crusader for skepticism and reason is at long last getting his own documentary.... the trailer suggests it'll be cool.
  • Tucson Weekly, February 23, 2012
    Loud and Silent

    "I really thought that art should be about the truth, and not about lies," Jillette said.
    But later on, he said, illusionist James Randi taught him that "magic wasn't a lie," because when people come to see it in a theater, they are aware of the deception
  • Ryan Kohls’s What I Wanna Know, February 19, 2012
    Interview with James Randi

    "They don't have any scruples on that, just like any other thief or burglar. A thief doesn't look at a house and think to pass it up because the family has just suffered a recent tragedy. No, he goes in and robs it anyway."
  • Bleeding Cool, February 18, 2012
    Super-Long Trailer For James Randi Documentary, An Honest Liar

    I’m a great admirer of James Randi’s work, both as a magician and as a broadcaster, and beyond that, as a scientist, skeptic and quackbuster, and with the James Randi Educational Foundation. It looks like director Justin Weinstein has already compiled a series of interviews with the key players and the voices you want to hear, from Richard Wiseman to Penn & Teller....