Some of the most exciting and important skeptical work is done on the local level by the many local skeptics' groups that exist all over the world. Many of these groups organize and participate in activism work, such as holding free vaccine clinics and educating the public about the pseudoscience of homeopathy through mass overdoses. Several offer a safe social setting for skeptics to meet, greet, and share their ideas.

The JREF is committed to supporting these organizations by providing them with valuable educational resources, workshops, organizational advice, scholarships, and sponsorships for their ambitious projects. And we are constantly developing even more resources for skeptics at the grassroots.

Today, we are proud to announce the publication of our database of local organizations specifically devoted to the promotion of scientific skepticism. Our goal with this database is to provide skeptics all over the world with a quick and easy way to coordinate with those of like mind who might already be organized in their communities. We also hope that those who live in places that aren't currently home to a skeptics' group might be inspired to fill in the gaps of this database by starting groups of their own.

The JREF's grassroots database is a living document, so please feel free to contact our field coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any additions or comments you would like to make. New skeptical groups are forming all the time, and some transform in a variety of ways. Please, help us keep this database as up-to-date as possible by keeping in touch.

You can find the JREF's grassroots database by clicking here.