I am sad to announce that Sadie Crabtree, our indefatigable communications director, is leaving the organization. A new mother, she is moving to London with her wife and son to be with their extended family there. We wish her well. In her time at the foundation, she has helped elevate our presence in the media, and has contributed importantly to the discussion about the best methods to communicate the skeptical point of view to believers. Her talk at The Amaz!ng Meeting last year was a hit in this regard. We look forward to exploring ways she may remain connected with our efforts, even if not as communications director. I asked Sadie for a brief comment on the move, and she has this to say:

"My time at the JREF has been rewarding, and I think the work we do is very important. I am sad to be leaving the organization, but glad to know the JREF will continue doing such great work to share the tools of critical thinking with the public. I'll miss working with the JREF team, but I look forward to staying connected with the organization and staying in touch with the friends I've made here. Travelling with Randi over the past year was an experience I'll never forget. He is truly one of a kind, and it was an honor to help advance the JREF's work."

What Sadie's moving means is that there is now an opening we need to fill for the position of communications director. You can find the details of the job opening here.

We all wish Sadie the best, and hope to see her at future skeptics events, even if not as a JREF staffer.


D.J. Grothe is president of the James Randi Educational Foundation and host of the interview show For Good Reason.