• The Jay Thomas Show | Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, February 15, 2012
    Interview with D.J. Grothe (not available online)
    resident of JREF and the host of For Good Reason, a critical thinking podcast, will tell us about the tricks fake psychics use to convince people of their powers.
  • The Thinking Atheist, February 16, 2012
    Faith Healers - With Special Guest James Randi

    In this show, world-famous illusionist and skeptic James Randi explains the faith healing phenomenon, exposes many of the fraudulent tactics of faith healers, and speaks about the $1 million challenge given to anyone who can demonstrate supernatural power.
  • Willamette Week, February 13, 2012
    Willamette Geek: The Week in Geek

    Noted skeptic and former magician James Randi will look at the trickery of various "think tanks" over the past three decades, "launching a world-wide plague of misinformation, the repercussions of which can still be felt today." Dun, dun duuuunn.