Few have lived as eventful a life as James Randi, and he has the stories to prove it! Join him in San Francisco this Thursday, January 12, as he shares one of his remarkable tales at Porchlight, the Bay Area's premiere storytelling series.

For nine years, Porchlight has offered a stage to dozens of luminaries and regular folks from all walks of life to share their unfiltered, unscripted recollections with the world. Previous storyteller have included writer Stephen Elliott, comedian Rob Baedeker, poet Bucky Sinister, and mythbusting friend of the JREF Adam Savage.

Randi will be performing as part of a special Harry Houdini tribute edition of Porchlight, where a cast of magicians and mentalists will be sharing their stories of brushes with magic.

The show will be held at the Contemporary Jewish Museum on Mission St. at 7:00pm. For ticket information, click here.