Minneapolis Star Tribune, December 16, 2011
Christopher Hitchens - an atheist's tribute

I had a chance to talk to him in person about five years ago, just before the release of God Is Not Great, when he showed up to a hotel room party at the Amazing Meeting 5, a celebration of skepticism.

International Business Times, December 9, 2011
Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Update: Are Psychics To Be Trusted?

Psychics have failed to find a number of missing persons and the Challenge is meant to find scientific prove proving or denying the existence of "psychic powers.

Skeptic.com, December 9. 2011
Baby Lisa psychic Stephanie Almaguer agrees to JREF Million Dollar Challenge
In an effort to defend her self-proclaimed skills, Almaguer has agreed to participate in the “Million Dollar Psychic Challenge” run by The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF).

Memphis Flyer, December 7, 2011
The Help: Schools Have Lots of It These Days

Professional skeptic James Randi has collected several of them on his website.

Gather.com, December 9, 2011
Lisa Irwin Psychic Comments Attract Attention
"Fine. I'm submitting for that challenge. That being said, win or lose, I don't think anyone - even the greatest, would ever win, and not because they have no ability, but for different reasons - which I will just keep to myself.

Thrive Debunked, December 10, 2011
JREF Reviews Thrive!


Broward/Palm Beach New Times, December 16, 2011
Christopher Hitchens to Be Commemorated (No Prayers, Please) at Florida Atheist Convention

Times and Transcripts, December 15th, 2011
Say hello to TED; celebrate what makes us great

Discover Magazine | Bad Astronomy, December 12, 2011
Holiday fundraisers