Last week, James Randi delivered one of his amazing lectures on critical thinking at the University of Colorado BoulderUniversity of Colorado group, and none of us at the JREF could be happier with the result. Hundreds of students, faculty, and community members packed into the Duane Physics Building for Randi's contribution to the university's colloquium series, filling the room to capacity and delivering a standing ovation at the end. This came after a day Randi spent visiting with local skeptics, touring the university's impressive science facilities, and meeting with professors to discuss the cutting edge of physics research. I know I speak for Randi when I say it was well worth braving the frigid temperatures to see all these fine folks in Boulder.

Special thanks to Professor Leo Radzihovsky for coordinating the event and to Professor Paul Beale, the Physics Department chair, for being such a gracious and generous host.


For more photos from the trip, be sure to visit the  The Official JREF Facebook Page  and The Official Facebook Randi Page.

Randi at University of Colorado