Kyle-hillThe JREF is pleased to announce the appointment of Kyle Hill as our latest research fellow, joining Ray Hall, Tim Farley, Karen Stollznow, and Senior Fellow Dr. Steven Novella.

Hill is currently working as a research assistant at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and is now pursuing a master’s degree in Communication with a focus on science, health, environment, and sustainability. His research is focused on how personal motivations and website characteristics affect the use of critical thinking.

JREF research fellows are skeptical scholars, writers, and leaders who have been recognized by the JREF for their contribution to the skeptical movement. As a fellow, Kyle Hill will conduct research on the ways people process science information they discover online, with the goal of applying his findings to the JREF’s mission of promoting skepticism and critical thinking. Hill will also blog at, pilot a “Science and Skepticism 101” educational workshop to present at colleges and conferences, and conduct a census-style large scale survey of the skeptical community in coordination with the JREF. The aggregate results and analysis of the skeptic survey will be made available to the public, to confirm or contradict the skeptical community's "common knowledge" assumptions about who our community and our audiences are, and how they apply their skepticism.