To: James Van Praagh
℅ Spiritual Horizons, Inc.
P.O. Box 9675
South Laguna, CA 92652


September 9, 2011

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Dear James Van Praagh:

As you know, the James Randi Educational Foundation has a long-standing challenge to self-proclaimed psychics, paranormalists, and mediums such as yourself: if you can demonstrate real psychic abilities under fair, mutually-agreed-upon conditions that prevent cheating, we will give $1 million USD to you or any spiritualist group or charity you wish.

I wanted to write to you personally to encourage you to take up this challenge and negotiate a testing protocol with us. From your statements, you appear to have faith in your ability to talk with the dead and obtain information to share with the living. You have also devoted much time to promoting belief in the supernatural, and to promoting spiritualist beliefs as a form of self-improvement and emotional comfort.

If you believe that what you do is real, and you want to help more people believe in the positive benefit of your claimed supernatural abilities, then what better way could there be to accomplish that than by taking our challenge and participating in a fair test of your psychic abilities?

If you proved your abilities and won our prize, millions of people would be persuaded overnight to believe in the spiritual world as you describe it, and you could use the million dollars to fund your work.

We at the James Randi Educational Foundation encourage you to accept our Million Dollar Challenge and we eagerly await your reply.


D.J. Grothe
James Randi Educational Foundation