We’re pleased to share the news that Dr. Ray Hall has been appointed as a JREF research fellow, joining Tim Farley, Karen Stollznow, and Senior Fellow Dr. Steven Novella.

JREF research fellows are skeptical scholars, writers, and leaders who have been recognized by the JREF for their contribution to the skeptical movement. As a fellow, Dr. Hall will continue to chair the JREF’s academic scholarships committee, contribute to the Randi.org blog, curate the presentation of Sunday Papers at each of our Amaz!ng Meetings, and edit books on skepticism featuring TAM Sunday Papers as part of the JREF’s digital publishing efforts.

Hall is a professor of physics at California State University, Fresno and holds a Ph.D. in experimental high energy particle physics from the University of California, Riverside. During his 16 years working on the D-Zero detector at Fermilab, he was part of the research team that discovered the fundamental particle known as the top quark.

He has taught college level courses on critical thinking for more than 10 years, and given presentations promoting critical thinking and science to groups and institutions including the California Science Teachers Association, the Air Force Academy, Stanford University, CSU Sonoma, CSU Pomona, K2B International, and the Center for Inquiry in Los Angeles.

Dr. Hall’s involvement with the JREF began at our first TAM in 2003 in Ft. Lauderdale, where he presented TAM’s very first Sunday Paper.